PROPS® Limited Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

PROPS® luggage is intended for individual travel and not for any commercial use. The following warranty applies when PROPS® luggage is used in a manner consistent with its intended use, and is granted to the consumer, when purchased from PROPS® or an authorized reseller, the warranty applies to new luggage sold to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. A copy of the purchase receipt is required to establish coverage under this warranty.

PROPS® warrants the luggage from defects in faulty material and workmanship for a period of five years from date of purchase on the shell, wheels and zippers and for a period of three years for the PROPS® trolley and leg system when used in accordance with weight restrictions. This warranty does not apply in instances of unreasonable use, abuse, modification, and misuse including overloading. All claims must be filed in a timely manner, not to exceed 6 months from the date of the defect.

At PROPS® sole discretion and at our expense, PROPS® will repair or replace the luggage with a suitcase of equal or greater value. This is your sole remedy and liability is limited to the value of the luggage. It is your responsibility to ship the luggage to PROPS® or one of its authorized repair centers and at your expense, and in return, it is our responsibility and at our expense, to ship the luggage back to you. In the case of replaced luggage, after consulting with you, PROPS® will use it best efforts to match or provide a similar color.

The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, not limited to scuffs, dents, scratches, abrasions, tears in the interior fabric, dirt, and non-functional issues affecting appearance.

If you have a warranty claim, please email us at or write us at the address below.

MDG Holdings, LLC

d/b/a PROPS® Luggage or PROPS®

If you feel we have not addressed your issue sufficiently, please contact us through email, the web site, or the company address.