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Our Story


Aha Moment

Our founder is a mom to four grown daughters. When they were young, traveling and hotel rooms were chaos. Six people and one luggage rack. She was always trying to find ways to organize the packing experience and make family trips more relaxing so she could enjoy her vacation, too. Finally, it occurred to her: if the bags weren’t always on the floor, it would be so much easier. Seemed so obvious. The PROPS idea was born. 

Years later, she decided to tackle this travel challenge. With the encouragement and support of her husband, she set off on her PROPS journey—assembling a team and venturing into design. 

It wasn’t until the first prototype arrived that she realized her idea had legs—literally. Instinctively, her husband set his laptop on the propped-up case, and they realized this solved more than one travel issue. PROPS could make your travel more productive, in addition to more organized.

Her dream found further inspiration when she saw the excitement and support coming from her four daughters. It was then that she realized that in pursuing her dream she was also setting an example for her daughters and for any woman with ideas and aspirations—no matter what phase of life.

After several years, designs and prototypes, PROPS was just about to hit production, when the pandemic struck. While the travel industry took a hit, the team used it as an opportunity to further refine PROPS into the product you see today. 

PROPS to you for traveling smarter!

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